One Hundred Years Is Nothing, the Yellowstone season 5 opening title,

We have a title for the Yellowstone season 5 premiere: "One Hundred Years Is Nothing," in case you missed it earlier this week. What does that actually mean, then? There is a lot to go into here, as you could expect. 

We should start by stating the comparatively obvious: Taylor Sheridan, who usually writes or at least co-writes every episode of the series, did so for this one as well. While we are aware that he now has a larger empire at Paramount+ with a variety of various programs in development, Yellowstone continues to be his most well-known work, and he is in no way hesitating to talk about it. 

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That is an excellent question about the meaning of the episode's title. There are numerous perspectives on it. For us, it serves as a reminder that the Yellowstone was present before it was given a name and will remain so long after the deaths of all of these characters. Even though the ranch has been operational for well over a century, it hasn't accomplished much in the overall scheme of things. 

We also wonder if the title alludes to some of John's philosophical views regarding the ranch itself on some level. We are aware that he is not a strong advocate for change and prefers to maintain a reasonable level of stability. He is more content to just let everything happen as opposed to trying to implement significant changes quickly. 

We're confident that the title's deeper meaning will become apparent. But we won't probably find out about it until November 13. 

What do you believe the title of Yellowstone's fifth season means? 

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