‘Power Book II: Season 3 might pave the way for "Influence"

Later this year, the third season of Power Book II: Ghost will air. Many fans are speculating as to whether this season may pave the way for a new spinoff, Power Book V: Influence, even though the show centers on Tariq St. Patrick (Michael Rainey Jr.) as he struggles to balance his life as a college student with his career as a drug dealer. 

Larenz Tate's Rashad Tate-focused television series has been put on hold for a while. However, we have a hunch that it might be revealed soon. 

What transpires with "Power Book V: Influence" is as follows. 

Fans have been eagerly awaiting Power Book V: Influence, which centers on Rashad Tate, ever since Starz revealed the Power Universe spinoffs. The city councilman will be the focus of the drama series as he begins his second campaign for governor of New York. 

Although Ghost, Power Book III: Raising Kanan, and Power Book IV: Force all made their debuts, Influence has received relatively little attention. Tate remarked to The Jasmine Brand, "Who knows whether you're going to see him pop up somewhere." "Y'all will know what's occurring as soon as I find out what's going on." 

Hopefully, the Ghost season 3 premiere will provide us with additional information. 

The third season of "Ghost" might pave the way for "Influence." 

Rashad developed into a significant figure in Ghost Season 2. When he had no one else to turn to, Tariq (Michael Rainey Jr.) found himself relying on the dishonest politician. Fans are now certain that Influence will be paved over by Ghost Season 3. 

Rashad gained significant leverage at the conclusion of Ghost Season 2 to re-enter politics as a strong contender. Rashad would probably take Zeke's (Daniel Bellomy) passing as an opportunity to further push himself back into the mainstream. 

If Influence is still being considered by Starz, we believe it is essential that we start developing a fairly complex plot around it. 

This season of Ghost features some new people who might play crucial roles in Rashad's world. 

Season 3 of "Power Book II: Ghost" will be incredibly gloomy. 

Power Book II: Ghost's third season is scheduled to premiere sometime this fall, and it will be significantly darker than previous seasons. 

As far as we know, Tariq continues to assist the Tejada family, who are attempting to sort out their own mess. Additionally, Effie (Alix Lapri) and his best friend Brayden (Gianni Paolo) are keeping information from him. 

For a variety of causes, there will be rifts made between Tariq and his buddies, according to Power Universe creator Courtney Kemp's statement to Entertainment Weekly. The Tejada family's fault lines will then be affected by them, it is said. A number of earthquakes will occur, followed by a number of aftershocks that will jolt the ground and drastically alter the course of the series. Season 3 is that. 

This might lead Tariq to rely even more on Rashad.

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