‘Power Book III: Raising Kanan’: Lou Lou and Kanan’s Relationship Will Chsnge in Season 2

Raising Kanan, from Power Book III, tells Kanan Stark's origin story (Mekai Curtis). Kanan's indoctrination into the drug trade has been observed in the early 1990s Queens setting of the drama. Kanan was given a crash course in the family business throughout the first season by his uncles Marvin (London Brown) and Lou Lou as well as his mother Raquel "Raq" Thomas, a drug kingpin (Malcolm Mays). 

We anticipate that Kanan's relationship with Lou Lou will change in Raising Kanan's second season because he has now taken on too much. 

In "Power Book III: Raising Kanan," Michael Corleone compares Lou Lou to him. 

One of Raising Kanan's most interesting characters is Lou Lou. Even though he is cunning and extremely brilliant, he wants more from life than to serve as his sister's right hand in her drug empire. But he might be the ideal candidate for the position. 

In fact, Mays likened him to a popular mobster character from film history. Mays referred to "Black Michael Corleone" to The Hollywood Reporter. "He just exudes calmness and composure. He is cold. He's sick of his job, and you could tell he had a "man of continual sorrow" quality about him. 

In season 2, Lou Lou may become closer to his nephew as a result of his emotions regarding his position in Raq's kingdom. 

Lou In season 2, Lou and Kanan's relationship will change. 

style="font-family: arial;">When Raising Kanan first premiered, Lou Lou and Kanan hardly ever interacted. Kanan instead preferred to hang out with his uncle Marvin, who was a little more of a hothead. Kanan receives more fatherly treatment from Marvin than from his own daughter Jukebox (Hailey Kilgrove). However, it appears that Kanan will want to separate himself from the family company upon his return to Queens following his attempt to kill Detective Malcolm Howard (Omar Epps), something that Lou Lou is also seeking to accomplish. 

Lou Lou and Kanan may become closer than they have in the past if they are forced to come together by realizing Raq for what she is. At this moment, we don't think Kanan will attempt to harm his mother. He and Lou Lou, though, might concoct a scheme to save Raq from herself. 

It may be possible for Kanan and his mother's younger brother to become closer now that Marvin is firmly on Raq's side and determined to make amends with Jukebox. 

Kanan's family dynamic will undergo significant changes in season 2. 

Season 2 of Raising Kanan's Thomas family dynamic may feature some significant changes, as suggested by the evolution of Lou Lou and Kanan's relationship. According to Curtis, "The family is in a totally new area with a different dynamic, so it's them navigating that and figuring out where they can step, where they can't step." There are many intricate things going on. It's crazy. 

Raq will however endeavor to maintain her family's unity as she enters mob territory in season 2. “Family. Us. In the season 2 teaser trailer, she remarks, "I know we got our differences. "But in the end, we all bleed. And that matters a lot more than any static between us.

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