Power Book III: Raising Kanan’: Why Is the Relationship Between Jukebox and Marvin So Broken?

Third Power Book: Raising The main character of Kanan, played by Mekai Curtis, is 15-year-old Kanan Stark, who follows in the footsteps of his queenpin mother Raquel "Raq" Thomas (Patina Miller) by starting his journey into the drug trade. 

She co-runs Raq's empire with her brothers Marvin (London Brown) and Lou Lou (Malcolm Mays). Jukebox (Hailey Kilgrove), the daughter of Kanan and Marvin, is also kept close by the trio. 

Jukebox's ambition to become a singer and her concealment of her sexuality from everyone but Kanan are immediately apparent. But there also appears to be a significant divide between the adolescent and her father. Why is the bond between Marvin and Jukebox so strained? 

What does "Power Book III: Raising KananUncle "'s Marvin look like? 

It's obvious that Marvin, the oldest brother, finds it difficult to carry out his younger sister's directives in their firm. However, his brash demeanor has already placed him in jail, and he most certainly lacks Raq's critical thinking abilities. 

Even Nevertheless, there is a close bond between Marvin and Kanan. According to Brown's Instagram post to journalist Landon Buford, "My character basically leads Kanan into this lifestyle that Power fans know him for." "And the fact that my sister is in control now because I handled it carelessly while I was in charge. So, this causes a little friction and a power struggle between us. We don't agree solely on the father-daughter type of things in our relationship with my daughter Juke Box. Young Kanan is the only person my character can exert his domineering power over. 

In "Power Book III: Raising Kanan," why is Marvin's relationship with his daughter Jukebox so shattered? 

It's simple to overlook the fact that Jukebox and Marvin are a father-daughter team. Jukebox has interacted with Lou Lou, Raq, and Kanan. Marvin and Jukebox are very different from one another, as we have seen. Although Power Book III: Raising Kanan has five episodes, the only genuine interaction we've seen between the two is when Kanan walks in on Marvin going through Jukebox's belongings in her room. 

We're not sure if Jukebox's sexuality has caused the rift between Marvin and Jukebox or if anything else is wrong. Jukebox's mother abandoned the family to become a New York Knicks fan, and it was later revealed during a confrontation between Marvin and Lou Lou that Marvin might dislike his daughter as a result. 

But according to Brown, all will be revealed by the midpoint of Power Book III: Raising Kanan. 

Marvin and Jukebox ultimately discuss the reasons for their seeming estrangement in a pivotal sequence, according to Brown, who spoke to Express. "And as she confronts him, he confronts her, and we understand and say, 'Oh, this is kind of what's going on and why she's like this,' Marvin has to come to some realizations about the situation.

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