Power Book III: Raising Kanan’:MeKai Curtis Discusses "Raising Kanan" Season 2 and Shares Sneak Peeks Photos

Fans of Power Universe only have a few weeks left till the return of one of their favorite villains' origin story. On August 14, Power Book II: Raising Kanan will return for its second season, with a special preview already accessible to fans. 

MeKai Curtis, who returns to the role of young Kanan Stark, was interviewed by ESSENCE. Kanan is the heir to his mother Raquel Thomas' (Patina Miller) drug empire and is eager for more responsibility and power in the game. 

When asked about the response the first season of the show received generally, Curtis described it as "overwhelming." 

According to Curtis, viewers are so devoted to the show's storyline and devoted to their favorite characters that it might be challenging for them to distinguish reality from fantasy when they see him in public. But as a show fan himself, he appreciates and can relate to the passion. 

Everyone actually approaching me outside and saying, "Yo, I can't believe you did this," and I'm like, "Well, first, I didn't do it, Kanan did," is ridiculous, he said, laughing. On the other hand, it's cool that people are so giddy that they approach me and mistake me for Kanan at that same moment. 

According to Curtis, in Raising Kanan's second season, many of the proverbial "chickens" from the first season come home to roost, and traits and storylines from Power start to take shape. 

You can watch everyone in this season struggle with their choices, the results of what they did in the first season, and how those things relate to the people they have grown into as individuals. 

Every time Kanan's transformation into the Kanan viewers first saw on the original Power is revealed, Curtis said, "I'm just so happy." "The first season left so many questions unresolved and so many things unfinished, so I'm excited for people to learn about those even more this year, and I'm excited to watch the conversations that it creates." 

Season 2 of Raising Kanan will debut exclusively on STARZ on August 14, 2022. Below, you can see first-look images from upcoming episodes:

Source: essence.com

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