Power Book III: Raising Kanan’:Patina Miller says Kanan is Raq's major focus.

The adolescent years of Kanan Stark are detailed in Power Book III: Raising Kanan (Mekai Curtis). Kanan's universe revolves around his mother, Raquel "Raq" Thomas (Patina Miller). Raq, a cunning and violent drug dealer, has risen to prominence in Queens. 

Miller believes that Raq's drive in season 2 is all about her son, despite the fact that she appears to be entirely preoccupied with her business. 

In the second season of "Power Book III: Raising Kanan," Raq is pushing her business into the mob. 

Raq is determined to keep growing despite Lou Lou's (Malcolm Mays) warning, Marvin's (London Brown) negligence, and Kanan being put in danger, especially because Unique (Joey Bada$$) is behind bars. However, Raq's expansion would put her at odds with the gang. 

Season 2's brief synopsis was released by Starz. Part of the statement is as follows: "As season two begins, Raquel 'Raq' Thomas has taken over the city's drug trade, but her son is eluding her. In addition to being unsure of his future in the family business, Kanan Stark is also unsure of his history due to Detective Howard's lingering secret. While Raq bravely grows the firm into hostile Mafia territory, Kanan looks for the truth. 

Sal Boselli, the formidable and flamboyant Italian crime leader of Newark, New Jersey, has been cast as Michael Rispoli, a former Sopranos cast member.

In season 2, Kanan is Raq's primary concern. 

Miller claims that although Raq is adamant about growing her company, her top priority has always been her son. In fact, season 2 will put that even more in the spotlight.


The Tony Award winner told Elle, "My position remains the same. "Raq is impulsive around her child despite being calculated otherwise. You witness this woman, who lives in a world dominated by men, not only refusing to submit but also making an effort to raise an arrogant 15-year-old boy. He puts himself in a position where he can influence her work, and as a result, everything is out of balance and she is unable to concentrate solely on the cost. She must concentrate on her son, who is ultimately what is most important. 

No matter how dubious her actions may be, I just get her. It's nice to watch an ambitious woman in all her splendor and bad things too, despite the violent times. It gives her a well-rounded personality that is deeply flawed and human, and that's rare. 

The second season of "Power Book III: Raising Kanan" will see the relationship between Raq and Kanan come to a head. 

Following the D-Wiz revelation, Kanan is aware of his mother's identity and her potential for evil, but he is unaware of Detective Malcolm Howard's true identity (Omar Epps). We believe that Kanan will discover the truth about his father this season, which will drive a wedge between him and Raq. 

According to Curtis, "I think the basis of Kanan and Raq's relationship has been destroyed, at this point." "There has undoubtedly been a breach of trust and a barrier on both sides. The constant back-and-forth of "blood is thicker than water, but I still can't forget this" is just extremely intriguing to watch how they handle. The edginess and intensity that is present really reaches a boiling point, so I'm excited to see how it all comes together. 

We're genuinely a little worried for Kanan because Raq shouldn't be trifled with.

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