Power Book IV: Force’: In Season 2, Tommy Will Face Very Dangerous New Enemies.

Force: Power Book IV In Season 1, Tommy Egan (Joseph Sikora) was mostly concerned with finding his way in Chicago after leaving New York City. The Queens-born thug caused quite a sensation in the Windy City because he is only accustomed to acting violently.

Tommy will face a completely new foe in Force's second season.

In the second season of "Power Book IV: Force," Tommy will go back to his roots.

Force Tommy's quest to discover who he is in the absence of Ghost for the first time in his life dominated Season 1. Working with Claudia Flynn (Lili Simmons) turned out to be a significant learning experience. Sikora warns to anticipate Tommy to go back to his roots now that Claud has killed Liliana (Audrey Esparza) and shown her true colors.

Sikora told TV Line that Courtney Kemp "deserves and gets credit for the development of the role I'm grateful to play every episode." Gary Lennon is unquestionably responsible for developing the character's voice and dynamic emotion.

The actor also expressed his desire for the show to last for at least three seasons. "I'll gladly sign up for a second and third season since I believe there is still a lot of narrative to be told. I believe that Chicago deserves it as a city, Sikora told Digital Spy. And I believe that the audience deserves to reach a stage where we can communicate with less words and spend more time inside Tommy's head.

Season 2 will bring Tommy a vicious new foe to contend with.

Tommy will have to deal with a vicious new foe in season 2, despite the fact that he still has a lot of conflict with the Flynns. Miguel Garcia, the most deadly Mexican drug dealer in the city, has been portrayed by Queen of the South actor Manuel Eduardo Ramirez. Miguel is described as a "mean, violent, and domineering alpha male" by Variety. He has never been in a committed relationship since he is a money-hungry individual who will stop at nothing to keep the people he cares about safe.

The casting of Carmela Zumbado as Miguel's younger sister Mireya Garcia leads us to presume that she will be Tommy's next love interest.

The fourth Power Book, Force Season 2 will surpass Season 1 in quality.

Despite Tommy being a Power Universe fan favorite character who has been around for a while, the debut season of Force felt a little rushed and messed up. For the show to get going, it required more than a few episodes. It's interesting to note that Robert Munic, the show's creator and showrunner, left before the series even debuted. But Sikora thinks that the second season of Force will undoubtedly be superior to the first because of Lennon's leadership as showrunner and writer.

Sikora responded to a fan on Instagram who was perplexed by the writing style and tone of the series, He revealed via Reddit that "the writing for season 2 is going to be [insert three fire emojis] tho." "@gary lennon is now in command" (from the OG Power show.) He is superior. Trust.”

Season 2 is presently in production In Chicago.

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