Power: Joseph Sikora(Tommy) says that Ghost's D.eath changed Tommy and Tariq.

On Power, everything changed after James "Ghost" St. Patrick's D. (Omari Hardwick). The kingpin was driven from the first episode to change, quit his job, and become a legitimate citizen. 

But he wanted to accomplish it without being punished for his previous transgressions. In the end, he was severely punished for his decisions and lying. Power came to an official end with the D of Ghost. 

But it also changed Tommy (Joseph Sikora), his best friend, and Tariq, his son (Michael Rainey Jr.). 

On "Power Book II: Ghost," Tariq is gradually changing into Ghost. 

Tariq was one of the Power Universe's most despised figures for a very long time. On Ghost, he has evolved, though. In fact, it seems as though he is becoming more and more like his father. 

Courtney Kemp, the creator of Power Universe, commented on the topic of Ghost's return during an Instagram Live. "Without getting into too much detail, I'll just say that my father's diabetes was a contributing factor in my decision to start creating this show. The point is, Tariq is a Ghost on earth, and that's what I'm really trying to show. Tariq is still a ghost. Before our very eyes, he is evolving and learning new things. As he develops into a man, Tariq. 

Ghost's D, according to Joseph Sikora, altered Tommy and Tariq. 

Ghost's D didn't just have a big impact on Tariq; it also made Tommy transform. He served as the organization's muscle for a very long time, working alongside Ghost. He has now had to assume all of the leadership duties in Chicago in order to rebuild. 

Tommy and Tariq have both absorbed some of Ghost's abilities. Sikora told TV Line, "He can't help himself with his great anger and wrath problem, to leaping before he looks. But he has become a lot more skilled tactician over time. But Tariq from [Power] also did. I believe the Ghost's D liberated the spirit of the plan that resulted in Tommy's incredibly intricate "s." 

'Power Book II: Ghost' and 'Power Book IV: Force' might cross paths at some point. 

As far as we know, Tommy still holds Tariq responsible for Ghost. In actuality, the promise Tommy made to Ghost is the sole reason the college student is still alive and moving around. We do, however, believe that the men will eventually find their ways back to one another to start mending their relationship because they were previously so close. 

Tommy did show up in the Ghost Season 1 finale, after all. We think Ghost and Force's worlds will collide as a result, especially as the feds start to investigate Tommy's operations in Chicago. 

Tariq could appear on the Tommy show, according to Sikora, who spoke with Bevy Smith on her Bevelations podcast. "Because if anyone can find Tommy, I believe Tariq's extraordinary skills may enable him to locate him even more successfully than the federal government. We never know what Tariq has planned for the future. 

Tariq might be in over his head with Ghost Season 3, according to Sikora. The actor told Express, "I can't tell you [whether Tariq would look for Tommy], but you know he's definitely going to require uncle Tommy's support at some point." This doesn't seem too unlikely given that Ghost and Force are set in the same era and Tommy made an appearance in the season one finale of the program.

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