Season 5 of Yellowstone: A big question for Kevin Costner

When Yellowstone season 5 starts on Paramount Network in November, there will be a lot of great things to look forward to. We do, however, have a lot of questions. Take the future of movie and TV star Kevin Costner, for example. 

We know that the popular cable show has been working for months on its 14-episode season, which is supposed to be split into two parts. But we also know that Costner wants to direct Horizon, a Western-themed epic that might end up being split into four movies. Variety said that work on the first movie could start at the end of August. 

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So, what do you have to worry about right now? It really comes down to whether or not Costner can be the star of his own show while also directing a big movie project. A lot of it could depend on when things happen. It's possible that the first seven episodes of Season 5 will be done by the end of August. This would give Costner a chance to direct a movie during a break. Or, he may have already filmed a lot of his scenes before leaving to do other work. 

At least for now, Kevin leaving Yellowstone seems like the least likely thing that could happen. It's hard to imagine the show without John Dutton, and this is a great way for him to get the word out about his other work. Horizon is a Western, which helps even more. It's already clear that these two worlds have a lot in common and that there's a lot to learn about them. 

Do you think Kevin Costner can do season 5 of Yellowstone and a movie at the same time? 

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