Several hours after the MP was chased and stoned, work on Suame Roads starts.

By attacking the MP for the constituency, the people of Suame have shown their irrational rage at the level of underdevelopment in the community. 

When he went to the area on Monday to disperse the protesting mob, MP Osei-Yei Mensah-Bonsu was pursued and pelted with stones. 

Even after the MP had been in parliament for more than 22 years, residents were still protesting the lack of progress in the region. 

They had expressed their dissatisfaction with the state of the roads in the Suame constituency and were pleading with the MP to improve it. 

On Monday, July 18, a different outcome may have occurred if the security for the majority leader of Ghana's eighth parliament hadn't acted quickly. 

The policeman rescued Osei Kyei-Mensah-Bonsu from the clutches of enraged Suame magazine artists. 

Just one day after the MP was pursued and stoned, construction has already started on roads in the Suame constituency.


Contractors have reportedly been sent to the location where they are already pouring asphalt on important roads in the area, according to video that is readily available. 

On Thursday, craftspeople blocked roads to protest how the inadequate road system has hampered their ability to make a living. 

In an effort to investigate the situation and pressure contractors into compliance, the Majority Leader visited the industrial area, but was greeted by disgruntled artisans. 

In a video, the artists can be heard hollering at Mr. Kyei-Mensah-Bonsu to vent their annoyance and displeasure.


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