The First Photo From Season 2 of Power Book IV Is Revealing

The life of Tommy Egan (Joseph Sikora) is portrayed in Power Book IV: Force after the passing of James "Ghost" St. Patrick, his best friend and business partner (Omari Hardwick). 

Tommy, who relocated to Chicago from New York, is reestablishing the company he shut down. Even though season 2 isn't set to premiere until 2023, people are already impatient to find out. 

The first image from Force Season 2 is quite eye-opening. 

A brand-new showrunner will be in charge of "Power Book IV: Force." 

When Force made its appearance in early this year, fans were ecstatic. Tommy Egan was more than deserving of his own show because he has long been a favorite of the Power Universe audience. Although viewers were happy to see Tommy on film once more, the Power series didn't quite have the same pace and excitement. 

The show's showrunner for season 2 is a former Power employee, so things might change now. Gary Lennon, who has taken over as our showrunner, is now in the expert hands of our program, according to Sikora, who spoke to TV Line. "I'm ecstatic. The fans must be over the moon... Tommy Egan's authentic voice is once again present. Gary Lennon is the one who nurtured that... I am giddy with anticipation over that. I can only promise that whatever Gary comes up with, however bizarre it may seem at this point, it will make sense. If that involves knocking boots with Claudia. 

Lennon just provided fans with a preview of season 2. 

The first image from Season 2 of "Force" is shocking. 

Chicago is the location for the second season of Force, and Lennon has already given fans a sneak peek at what Tommy will be doing next. Lennon featured a picture of a reflective Tommy perched atop a wooden box in the Instagram post. "First behind the scenes of @josephsikora4 as Tommy on @forcestarz," he wrote as the description for the image. many more coming soon @power starz 

Tommy is expected to make a significant change in season 2. 

Sikora told The Wrap, "I think the closer we get to Tommy, so many positive things were occurring to him, you couldn't touch him. "In some respects, he felt invulnerable. And then things shift right when everything seems to be going well. 

Season 2 of "Power Book IV: Force" will feature some new characters. 

The cast for season 2 is expected to be much larger than the one from season 1. According to Variety, Adrienne Walker, Carmela Zumbado, Miriam A. Hyman, and Manuel Eduardo Ramirez will all be appearing on the show on a regular basis. 

Mireya Garcia, "the younger sister of the most deadly Mexican drug dealer in the city," will be portrayed by Zumbado. Ramirez will play Miguel Garcia, the cruel, violent, and tyrannical alpha male" brother of Mireya. As US Attorney Stacy Marks, a US Attorney "who's young, motivated, and ready to make a name for herself," Hyman will play the lead role. She will embody Shanti "Showstopper" Page, too, says Walker. Former professional boxer Shaanti currently manages her own gym.


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