Thomas Partey responds to a fan's question about the alleged rape in a blunt manner.

Thomas Partey, a Ghanaian football player, has angrily denied raping two women in response to recent claims in the blogs. 

A player at the club was reportedly detained for sexual assault shortly after claims that the Arsenal midfielder had been unjustly accused of rape by his Moroccan girlfriend. 

According to reports, Sarah Bella accused Thomas Partey of raping both her and a companion after he turned down her marriage proposal when they were traveling to Marbella, Spain. 

Thomas Partey exclusively broke his silence in response to a question from one of his millions of Instagram followers after openly ignoring the reports for days. 

Partey just replied, "Nah," when the fan brazenly asked him, "Did you rape someone?" 

According to reports, Partey was exonerated of the charges since there wasn't enough evidence to support a prosecution since his girlfriend Sarah Bella was the one who made up the accusations. 

Thomas Partey, meantime, has rejoined the Arsenal training facility in London, Colney after a hiatus. 

As the new English football season approaches, Partey, 28, can now concentrate on what he does best after showing up at his team's practice facility this morning. 

He is anticipated to travel to the United States of America with the rest of his Arsenal colleagues for their preseason.


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