Victoria, Kofi Adomah's Ex wife, and her children's identities, occupations, and photos are revealed.

Kofi Adomah's public eulogy for his late wife Miracle Adomah has kept him in the public eye for more than a week. 

The marriage has been frequently mentioned in the headlines ever since Kofi Adomah paid tribute to his late wife, Mrs. Miracle Adomah. 

When he publicly praised Mrs. Miracle Adomah, various suspicions regarding his divorced ex-wife surfaced. 

On social media, rumors about how he cold-bloodedly dumped his ex-wife Victoria Exornam Kpodo for Miracle Adomah began to spread. 

A few days ago, a video showing Kofi Adomah allegedly hiring goons to force her out of her home and steal her vehicles appeared. 

The identities of the ex-wife and the kids she reportedly had with Kofi Adomah have now been revealed online. 

It should be recalled that while Kofi Adomah was paying tribute to Mrs. Miracle Adomah on his birthday, his best friend Nana Yaa Brefo dissed a particular pharmacist who was spreading rumors that she was Kofi Adomah's wife. 

Well, Victoria Exornam Kpodo, the former wife, is the pharmacist.


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