Virgin River actor hints to "juicy" season 5 following baby announcement

After season four made it clear that Jack was not the twins' father, Virgin River star Martin Henderson dubbed the impending fifth season of the show as "juicy." 

Who was the father of Mel's child: Martin Henderson's Jack or Daniel Gillies' Mark? The third season of the show ended on a cliffhanger for viewers. In the season four finale, Jack was identified as the father a year later. 

In addition, in season four, Jack discovered that Charmaine's twins weren't his. According to Henderson in an interview with Glamour, season five will be "juicy" as viewers learn (yet again) who the father is. 

"I was told who the author thought it was supposed to be, but I haven't seen it written. In terms of narrative lines, one thing I've learned around here is that you can't count your chickens until they've hatched, said Henderson. Because there's a possibility that it may be the person you believe, but what would be the more startling possibility? 

I'm not sure of their decision, but the one I heard sounded really, really excellent. He continued on the possible revelation, "It's juicy. 

The actor then discussed his character's relationship with Mel, played by Alexandra Breckenridge, and expressed his hope that they will overcome hardship together and become closer as a result. 

I genuinely think the audiences enjoy it, so what I'm hoping for in season five is actually seeing them get closer together through struggle rather than being driven apart," he remarked. 

"There will inevitably be hiccups, but it will be lovely to watch them grow and strengthen their love." 

Recently, Virgin River actor Alexandra Breckenridge admitted that it was her suggestion that led to the surprising turn in the season four finale.


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