Virgin River Season 4 Premiere: Jack's Initial Meeting With Alexandra Breckenridge Explained(Spoiler)

Fans of Virgin River never imagined they'd see it, and Jack never wanted to see it either. 

The drama's 12-episode fourth season, which is currently available on Netflix, begins with Jack strolling alongside a very pregnant Mel and casually suggesting baby names like Catherine, Indiana, and Jack Jr. 

Then she adds, "We also need to take Mark into account." not merely as a name. Remember, the baby might be his? Right on schedule, Mel's deceased ex-husband enters and smiles at Jack before kissing Mel. 

Jack's anxiety that Mel's kid might not be his manifests itself as the entire scenario, which turns out to be a fabrication of his imagination. Given the slow rate at which this show moves, it should be evident for two reasons: (1) Mark is dead, and (2) Mel cannot possibly be that far along. 

Wasn't that humorous? The first time Mel's men met, Alexandra Breckenridge tells TVLine. Because Martin Henderson and Daniel Gillies had known one other for a very long time, it was amusing to film. However, it was clear that they had never collaborated on the show. 

And how did they come to know one another, you ask? This is actually nothing new as Henderson and Gillies previously portrayed romantic rivals in the 2004 film Bride and Prejudice. But before you start wondering, "How would Jack know what Mark looked like?" or similar queries, simply remember that it's better not to overthink this one. 

Breckenridge speculates, "Mel has pictures of Mark, so maybe Jack saw one on her computer or something." He probably wouldn't have known what Mark looked like, I hadn't considered that. That's amusing. 

By the end of the season, it is known whether Jack or Mark is the father of Mel's child. After delving into the physics behind it, Breckenridge concedes that the plot can be "pretty convoluted." 

Because it needs to be done at a specific point during their cycle, "patients most often have to be on hormones before they can even undertake that kind of operation," the expert claims. It's quite particular, then. Is it possible that she truly conceived Mark's child at this time? I believe there was very little time between when she was with Jack and when she underwent IVF. She was obviously highly prolific. 

Jack may be worried, but it's very clear that Mel is hoping he's the father. She truly didn't think they were reconciling last season, as Breckenridge recounts. If Mel had believed there was even a remote chance she and Jack would get back together, she wouldn't have undergone the treatment. 

Were you as entertained by the Jack-Mark dream as we were? Who do you hope Mel's baby's father is? (Those who watched ahead won't have any spoilers!) Comment below with your grade for the premiere and your comments.


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