Who Is Stacie Monroe on 'Virgin River'? Everything about her past that fans need to know

Virgin River's fourth season is now on Netflix, and we couldn't be happier (if we ignore all the curveballs they are throwing us this season). The fourth season has been nothing but "dramatic," but we're all for it. Mel, Jack, Doc, Lizzie, and Preacher are all back, and there are a few new characters as well. 

Melinda Dahl, who plays Stacie Monroe, showed up for a short time in season two, and she's back this season. Since then, a lot has changed, so we are happy to remind you of her role in the show.

On the show Virgin River, who is Stacie? 

Mel's late husband, Mark Monroe, had a sister named Stacie. Back in season two, Stacie went to Virgin River to ask Mel to give back the engagement ring that Mark had given her. Mark and Stacie's grandmothers had given them the ring, and Stacie wanted to keep it in the family. Mel never gives Stacie the ring back, so it goes without saying that they are not the best of friends. After this storyline is finished, Stacie doesn't show up again in seasons two or three. 

This season, Stacie goes back to Virgin River and asks Mel to lunch so they can catch up (yeah, right). Mel isn't sure if she should take this offer, but Doc tells her some very good things to think about. He tells Mel to do what's best for her and not worry about Stacie, so Mel agrees to go to lunch. 

Stacie starts off on a good note by apologizing to Mel about the engagement ring mess. She also tells Mel that she is pregnant with a girl and plans to name her Monroe in honor of Mark. Okay, so far, right? Stacie doesn't stay nice for long, and in the end, she tells Mel something big. 

Stacie tells Mel that her mother is going to fight for custody of Mel and Mark's two remaining embryos. Even though this news is scary on its own, it's even worse for Mel because she doesn't know yet whether Mark or Jack is the father of her unborn child. For the rest of the season, we don't see any more of Stacie, but we know she'll be back with all her drama. 

On the show Virgin River, who plays Stacie? 

Now that you know what's going on, you might wonder why Stacie looks so familiar. Melinda might look familiar to you because she played Annette in Loudermilk or because she was in Casual and Grown Ups. She is an actress from Canada, but she is also a musician and an artist.

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