Yellowstone: renowned Kelly Reilly Just Leaked Some Season 5 Information

Fans of Yellowstone are unable to stop searching the internet for any information regarding the show's future. However, the popular Paramount Network drama's cast is notoriously secretive and won't give any spoilers away (we tried). 

The fifth season is currently being produced in Montana, anticipation for the November 13 return is at an all-time high, and no Instagram post is safe from examination. 

Certainly, Kelly Reilly's most recent Instagram story demonstrates that. When Beth Dutton's British actress, who plays the role, posts something on social media, her followers pay attention. She sent some beautiful pictures of the Montana scenery along with a picture of some season 5 scripts. 

According to Taste of Country, several diligent Reddit users looked through the image for hints and discovered some intriguing information about the new season, including the episode names written on the scripts. The results are as follows: 

  • Episode 1: "One Hundred Years is Nothing"
  • Episode 2: "The Sting of Wisdom"
  • Episode 4: "Horses in Heaven"
  • Episode 5: "Watch ‘Em Ride Away"
  • Episode 6: "Cigarettes, Whiskey, a Meadow, and You"

It's interesting that the third episode's script is not displayed. Kelly might not be in that episode, or it might not have made it into the picture. Taylor Sheridan, who has previously written every other episode of the show, appears to have authored all of the scripts. 

We may not have much information from the episode names (although "One Hundred Years is Nothing" might be a nod to the upcoming 1923 spinoff starring Helen Mirren and Harrison Ford), but until the program returns later this year, we'll take what we can get. 

Start your speculation now!


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