Yellowstone Season 5 Preview: Beth's Competitor Is Willing to "Turn Up the Heat"—But at What Cost?

"I wait for the romantic tale!" 

We won't lie: We're itching for information about the presently filming new season of Yellowstone since it won't air until November 13. The performers have been working hard on the forthcoming episodes, and a few of them have revealed tidbits that have us eager to see what the horse opera has in store. 

The relationship between Piper Perabo's character Summer and Kevin Costner's John, the patriarch of the Dutton family, is "turning up the heat," the actress told Entertainment Weekly. "I know a lot of people want to watch [Yellowstone] for the ranch and the cowboys, but I like to watch it for the love story," the speaker said. 

Even though Beth, the feisty daughter of John, has done everything in her ability to thwart her father's romance with the crusading environmentalist, it may not be as simple as she thought. John attempted to use his not small power to lessen Summer's sentence after Beth sort of-sorta arranged for her to serve a sizable amount of time in prison. Even though that attempt was unsuccessful, John should soon be in an even more powerful position since he is currently running for governor with the support of the incumbent, who also happens to be one of his paramours. 

Perabo stated, "It's been a tough couple of years. "Let's raise the temperature for a moment!" 

The key question is whether Summer realizes Beth is her opponent. Kelly Reilly, who plays the role, told GoldDerby that "she's a married woman now." But in my opinion, her father is the most important relationship in her life. That place is so rich in history. And I believe Beth only wants to please him. Although she's not looking for acceptance, I believe she wants to do whatever that will help him. 

And in her eyes, doing so entails eliminating Summer from the equation! 

Before pushing Beth too far, Summer might want to take a look at the gallery of Beth's most scathing comments and enemy-destroying moments below.


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