Yellowstone season 5 spoilers: A flashback of Beth Dutton's earlier days

The fifth season of Yellowstone is currently under production, and knowing that fresh episodes will premiere in November fills us with delight. 

So what is going to happen next? We are aware that the Dutton family will face numerous threats in the future, which they will have to address jointly. The tricky part, according to Taylor Sheridan, is to portray high stakes without doing something you've already done. Executing this can occasionally be simpler said than done. 

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We're pleased to at least know a little bit about Kelly Reilly's Beth Dutton's future, and how that will connect into her history. You will witness Beth "reconnecting with someone from her past" this season, according to a brand-new TVLine report. These two might have had a lot in common, which could have produced some extremely funny antics. We've learned a lot about Beth over the years, and one thing we know for sure is that she will always speak her mind and not put up with fools. We think you'll see all of this on a much larger scale in the future. 

Although Beth has already left Market Equities, we don't believe it was ever the intention for her to continue working there for a significant amount of time. Instead, the objective was to learn more before deciding how to attack. We definitely anticipate seeing this throughout the upcoming episodes. 

Which Beth-related developments do you most wish to see in Yellowstone season 5? 

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