A Ghanaian woman who is homeless in the UK snatches the husband of a Ghanaian woman who gave her free accommodation.

 A homeless Ghanaian woman in the UK betrayed the Good Samaritan who provided her with housing. 

A homeless Ghanaian woman who was accommodated by a Good Samaritan ultimately led to the breakdown of her helper's marriage. 

Aba The Great, a blogger, was contacted by Joyce Aninagyei, who said she had flown to the UK for employment but had not yet begun and had no place to stay. 

She begged Aba The Great to assist her in finding housing in the UK until she started working and had enough money for rent. 

Aba posted the woman's plight on her Facebook, and she really persuaded her sister who lives in the UK to help the woman. 

The home of Ana's sister, who resides there with her husband and children, was made available to Ana. 

She pursued her job search further and was successful in finding a new position in London's capital. 

This woman's attitude toward her assistant abruptly shifted after she began to settle in London.

Source: ghsplash.com

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