A man who was envious used his feelings to impair his judgment and finally used his car to kill three people at once.


A jealous man let his feelings get in the way of his thinking, and in the end, he killed three people with his car at the same time. 

The sad news that has been all over Twitter is that a Zimbabwean ex-boyfriend who was upset about being dumped ran over his ex-girlfriend, her daughter, and her new boyfriend. 

The three people died right there, which made some people who were close to the crime scene very angry. 

A Twitter video shows a group of angry people trying to lynch him for the horrible crime while police take him away in a pickup truck. 

In a related story, a football fan from Nigeria didn't bat an eye when his girlfriend asked him to choose between her and football after the new season of the English Premier League started last Friday. 

It seemed like the young man didn't give his girlfriend the attention she wanted because he spent all of his time watching EPL games. 

This made the woman ask him why he hadn't answered her calls, but he told her that day was a football game. 

He told her that she was making it hard for him to pay attention to the game, which was why he wasn't picking up her phone calls. 

The woman got tired of waiting for him and decided to blur the lines between their relationship and his obsession. She told him he had to pick between her and football. 

Surprisingly, the guy chose the second one. He went through the steps to send a voice message and then said that he no longer wants to be with her. He told them that he had made a bet and lost, so he needed time alone. 

"I no do again sef. He said, "My ticket was cut." 

His girlfriend was shocked by what he did, so she called his name and wondered if he was high on something. 

@shiva szn posted a screenshot of the WhatsApp conversation on the microblogging site Twitter. 

"Epl is already ruining friendships. You think he cares about you? Ask him to pick between you and football."

Source: ghbase.com

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