A woman and two other people have been arrested for k.illing a new mother who had just sold her newborn twins for N3 million.

A group of bad women who sold a new mom's twins and tried to cover their tracks by killing the new mom have been caught. 

On Friday, August 26, Ukorie Cynthia, 25, Onyia Pauline, 56, and Aroh Ijeoma, 39, were charged with the crime. 

The police told the media about the sad story through DSP Daniel Ndukwe, as shown below: 

"The suspects were arrested on July 26, 2022, by officers from the Central Police Station (CPS) in Enugu. They were sent to the Enugu Correctional Custody Centre until the case was heard again. 

After getting a report that said they worked together to sell the newborn twins of a woman named Chinenye Odoh, age 31, and then killed her by poisoning her food when she found out that the suspects gave her less money than the total amount they got for the babies, they were arrested.

Investigations showed that Ukorie Cynthia took care of the woman until she gave birth on July 5, 2022. Meanwhile, Aroh Ijeoma helped sell the babies by calling a nurse, Onyia Pauline, who brought a couple who paid N3 million for the babies when they were born.

Source: GhBase.com

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