Alison Arngrim told a strange story about a fan of "Little House on the Prairie" and asked, "What the hell was that?"


Alison Arngrim played Nellie Oleson on Little House on the Prairie from 1974 to 1982. She got both fans and haters as she went along. Arngrim talked about the Little House fans who couldn't tell the difference between her character and herself. Here's what she said about the confusing fan interaction: 

Alison Arngrim's fans have done a lot of strange things. 

Arngrim has talked to fans in strange ways before. She talked about a time when a Little House on the Prairie fan threw soda at her at a Christmas parade.

Some people who watched the show every week started to feel sorry for Melissa Gilbert's character Laura Ingalls because of how badly the Nellie Olsen character treated her (played by Alison Arngrim). Some of the fans wanted payback. It looks like this fan took out years of frustration on Arngrim. 

"I mean, you wouldn't believe what people have said to me!" Arngrim tells Zoomer all about it. "Once, I was in a Christmas parade, and someone in the crowd threw a cup of orange soda at my head. When I'm around, people have gone crazy." 

During a press event, one of Alison Arngrim's fans was angry with her. 

Arngrim talks about a strange thing that happened to her at the Los Angeles County Fair in her book Confessions of a Prairie B****. She was sitting in a tent where she and other TV stars were signing autographs for fans. 

Arngrim says that a woman "stopped in her tracks" all of a sudden. She saw that the woman didn't say anything. Arngrim said that the woman was standing still and looking at the sign that said her name. 

Arngrim says that the woman got mad when she found out that she was the actress who played Nellie Oleson. Arngrim says that after the woman didn't say anything and tried to keep her cool, she said, "I forgive you!" 

The Little House actor says that after the woman made that announcement, she turned around and left without saying hello or asking for an autograph. Arngrim says that after what happened, she was "amazed with her mouth wide open." 

What happened to Arngrim was so shocking that she could only say, "What the hell was that?" Arngrim thought it was weird that a TV character she played decades ago could make an adult so angry. 

Alison Arngrim is happy that she got to work on "Little House on the Prairie." 

Arngrim says that the character she played was one that a lot of people hated. But she's glad she got this part because the money she made from it helped her take care of herself. 

Arngrim also says that playing Nellie Oleson made her feel better about herself. She learned how to stand up for herself, take risks, and live without being afraid. Arngrim says it means a lot to her to hear about how much Little House on the Prairie meant to people who watched it as kids.


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