Apparently due to a woman, the head of the ambulance service killed himself.

According to reports, the director of the national ambulance service in the Ashanti Region's Adansi South District killed himself. 

Mr. Famous, the dead, allegedly hanged him over a woman he was apparently dating. 

Kessen TV in Kumasi said that the emergency service personnel left a suicide letter outlining his motivation for taking his own life. 

According to reports, Famous had proposed to his fianc√©e but was being rejected by her family, notably her mother. 

The mother is said to have disapproved of her daughter's relationship with him and blocked the wedding despite spending money on the woman and being upfront about his plans. 

Frank, who was hurt and disappointed, allegedly strung a noose around his neck and hanged himself out of frustration. 

We'll release more information on this report as soon as it becomes available.


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