Benjamin Hollingsworth of Virgin River talks about Brady's redemption arc and hints at "unexpected" Season 5 twists.

On the first episode of the fourth season of the Netflix show Virgin River, Benjamin Hollingsworth's character was just put in jail for shooting Jack in the Season 2 finale. (Just in case you had forgotten how slowly time moves in this town.) Even though Brady was only in the prison yard for a short time, he made the most of it. 

Hollingsworth told TVLine that he had never been ripped off by another prisoner before. "That was a lot of fun to work on with the stunt coordinator. We came up with a dance where you might not have seen the shank coming. 

Soon, it turned out that Vince, not Brady, was the one who shot, but Hollingsworth never had any doubts about his character. 

He says, "I knew Brady didn't do it." "First of all, I haven't been playing that character, and I also talked to the [previous] showrunner. Brady was always supposed to be a red herring, but we wanted the audience to think, "No, it can't be him!" We just started to like him!'" 

Hollingsworth says that Brady's relationship with Brie is a big reason why he has changed and why people are starting to like him. He says, "Love will do that to you." "It will make you look at parts of life and yourself that you might not have otherwise, and it will change you as a person." 

In fact, Hollingsworth's favorite part of Season 4 was when Brady walked into the room and found Brie sobbing. As he thinks back, he says, "She was facing the trauma of her past relationship with Dom, and we get to see Brady being kind and open with her." He tells her things and also listens to her. This is something we don't see him do very often." 

But getting out of jail and being wrongly accused are just the beginning. Hollingsworth says that Season 5, which is currently being filmed in Vancouver, will throw even more "unexpected" curveballs at the people of Virgin River, especially now that the bad person Melissa Montgomery is there. 

Hollingsworth says of Melissa, "[Fear] is a healthy feeling when it comes to her." "She's clearly up to no good, and the fact that she's having dinner with Jack and Mel at the end is worrying."


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