Cane Will Have a Major Role in Season 3 of "Power Book II: Ghost"

One of the most memorable characters in Power Book II: Ghost is Cane Tejada, played by Woody McClain. Cane is the oldest child born to Lorenzo Tejada and Monet (Mary J. Blige) (Berto Colon). Cane is accustomed to disorder and violence, much like his parents are. He enjoys and succeeds in the drug trade. Additionally, his explosive temper has caused him a lot of problems in the family business. 

Cane makes rash decisions, and as a result, he'll probably have a big influence in season 3. 

Season 3 of "Power Book II: Ghost" has just finished filming. 

Ghost fans will be happy to hear that season 3 is finally finished after over eight months of production. Fans are eagerly awaiting word of a release date while the episodes go through editing. McClain announced the completion of filming on his Instagram page. 

"Season 3 of @ghoststarz is over. I'd like to express my gratitude to my fantastic cast and crew for making this experience memorable. 

Season 3 will feature a pivotal role for Cane. 

One of the most adored characters on Ghost has always been Cane. The violent criminal is based on Santino "Sonny" Corleone's persona in The Godfather. Cane is currently the best character on Power; he's just too funny, and making stupid judgments while constantly anticipating Tariq's next move, which is hilarious," one Redditor remarked. "I'm hoping he makes it through season 6 and gets a spin-off show soon. To me, Cane fills the positions played by Kanan and Tommy. He is without a doubt my fave. 

In season 2, Cane had Tariq falsely accused of killing someone, and Tariq promised to exact revenge on him. But this season might see the duo working together. On her Instagram Live, Power Universe founder Courtney Kemp advised viewers to stay watching when questioned about this. 

The antagonists Tariq will face in "Power Book II: Ghost" will not just be Cane. 

This season, Tariq will have to cope with a number of other problems in addition to Cane. He'll probably find out about Lauren's betrayal from both Effie (Alix Lapri) and Brayden (Gianni Paolo) sooner rather than later (Paige Hurd). 

Additionally, Detective Blanca Rodriguez (Monique Gabriela Curnen) has him back on her radar once more, and we know she is out for blood. The arrival of a new cast member will undoubtedly change things. The series has chosen Kyle Vincent Terry to play Obi. He is described as "a young man educated in Britain who knows his way around a rifle, but is as at home in a boardroom" in the character description. 

He sounds like Tariq, thus there will probably be some hostility between them.


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