Car wash worker crashes a customer's Mercedes-Benz on his way to buy food.

A carwash worker in Nigeria is in trouble because he crashed a Mercedes Benz GLC that a customer gave him to clean up. 

Reports say that the young man jumped behind the wheel of the luxury car to buy a local treat called "Eba" from a restaurant. However, he crashed the car into an obstacle. 

A video that is going around social media shows that the vehicle, which is worth thousands of dollars, is badly damaged and will cost a lot to fix. 

In the video that GHPage saw, the young man can be seen lying on the ground, begging the owner of the car to forgive him for being so careless. 

People on social media have had different reactions to the funny but dangerous situation. Many of them have criticized the young carwash worker for being so careless. 

Watch The Video Below:


See what people have said below. 

ibukun ofgod: Is the boy who washes cars still alive?

Let him eat the Eba first, quadriojimoh. 

oriyomi: He should buy a new car and not fix the old one. 

He will go to jail, says behindmyeyes17. 60,000,000 years.


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