Ghanaian gynecologist and lecturer at Cape Coast Medical School dies after being crushed by a tanker in a fatal accident.

A news story from OMGVoice tells the sad story of Dr. Patrick Yamoah, a Ghanaian gynecologist who was killed by a careless driver of a tanker while he was driving from Assin Fosu to Kumasi. 

The online portal's report said that the man, who worked at St. Francis Xavier Hospital in Assin Fosu and taught at Cape Coast Medical School, died in a head-on collision with the tanker driver, who was a threat to other drivers before the accident. 

"The gas tanker with the license plate number GT 8679-22 and the doctor's car with the license plate number AW 1514-22 collided head-on. "At first, a UTV report said that eyewitnesses said the tanker driver was known for breaking traffic laws and had almost hit another driver earlier that day. 

Before leaving that day, Dr. Patrick Yamoah did two surgeries in the morning and then decided to stop in Kumasi to get something before going back home. 

The driver of the tanker has been arrested and is being held at the police station while he helps with the investigation, the OMGVoice report said.


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