Girl gives herself a shot of her HIV-positive boyfriend's blood "to show how much she loves him."


A 15-year-old girl found a strange way to show her HIV-positive boyfriend that she loves him: she injected herself with his blood. 

The girl, who has not been named, is said to have injected herself with her boyfriend's blood, even though she knew he had HIV. 

The news that came out last week shocked the whole country. 

The teenager is said to be from Suwal Kuchchi, an Indian village in the state of Assam. 

She had been with her boyfriend for about three years. They had first met on Facebook. 

The HIV-positive boy from Hajo tried to run away with his girlfriend a few times before, but the girl's parents found them and brought her back home. 

This time, the 15-year-old girl didn't run away with her lover. Instead, she found a way to show how much she loved him. 

She is said to have used a syringe to inject herself with his HIV-infected blood, even though she knew the risks she was taking. 

It's not clear if the boy knew what she planned to do. 

The girl's parents have complained about her boyfriend, so the police in Hajo have already taken him into custody. 

In the meantime, doctors are keeping an eye on the victim.


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