Grayson Gurnsey, who played for Virgin River, says, "Wish I had more time" after leaving the team.

Grayson Gurnsey, who plays Ricky on VIRGIN RIVER, said he would not be back for season five. The star said he would have loved to spend more time on screen with Colin Lawrence, who played the preacher in Preacher. 

Fans are excited to see the cast back for season five of Virgin River, which is being filmed for Netflix. Ricky, who was played by Grayson Gurnsey, left the show in Season 4 because he joined the Marines. Grayson told that he would have liked to have been on screen with Preacher for longer (Colin Lawrence). 

As Ricky came to terms with his breakup from season three, there were some sad parts of season four. 

He didn't want to upset Lizzie so soon into their relationship, so he waited until it was too late to tell her. 

Lizzie was crushed when Ricky told her he didn't trust her, so she broke up with him. 

In season four, Lizzie and the rest of the town came together to say goodbye to Ricky. 

Grayson, who plays Ricky, told that he would not be in season five because his character had to be cut to make room for other plots. 

But he thought about who he would have liked to have spent more time on-screen with and praised his co-star Colin. 

He said, "This is a really hard question to answer because all of the characters are so great." 

"There are a lot of characters whose bubbles never really touch. For example, Doc and Ricky never really talk about anything important. 

"But I think my favorite scenes on the show are with Colin, or Preacher, because he is such a fun, loving guy." 

We have some great scenes. In season three, there's a scene at Lilly's funeral where there's a tender moment. 

"I wish there were more like that. In the books, they show up a lot. For example, Ricky spends a lot more time with Preacher. 

"He acts as a father figure just as much as Jack does, which was something I missed. 

"But other than that, I'm very happy with how the show turned out." 

Grayson did say that Ricky could come back after a couple of seasons. 

With this in mind, Ricky and Preacher might still be able to talk about things that matter to them. 

Lizzie actress Sarah told that she was happy to be back on screen with Grayson in season four. 

"The Renaissance fayre was a standout for me," she said when asked what her favorite scene from the new season was. 

Getting to go on stage with Grayson and do that little bit from Romeo and Juliet in front of an audience. 

"Everyone was wearing these gorgeous costumes, which doesn't happen very often. 

While Jack Sheridan (Martin Henderson) was leaving to start the next part of his life, it was hard for Ricky to say goodbye to him.


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