Husband was fatally stabbed by his wife's envious lesbian girlfriend.


A l..esbian partner of a man who his wife had been covertly dating killed him out of jealousy. 

In Onitsha, Anambra State, Ikechukwu Onuma, also known as Ayaaya Onye-Obodo, was fatally stabbed by someone who was supposedly his wife's lover. 

The event reportedly happened on Monday night, August 8, 2022, in Inland Town, Onitsha. 

Details of the incident were sketchy when this article was written, but it was later learned that Ikechukwu unexpectedly arrived home and found his wife, Nkemdili, having s..ex with her l..esbian partner, Ebele Onochie. 

In an effort to intimidate Ikechukwu, the suspect allegedly used a knife to kill him. 

Through the sharing of his passing images on social media, friends and relatives have been mourning the man. 

She must bear the cost, as Charles Anwah put it. 

"My heart breaks for every member of the Onuma family in Onitsha, Anambra State, who lost their cherished son, brother, uncle, and spouse Ikechukwu Onuma, also known as Ayaaya Onye-Obodo, so suddenly and painfully. It truly is a big loss. authored Mazi Chukwujindu. 

Added Akunne Obiesie: 

Ikechukwu Onuma, wake up and order from the menu. Why die? Why? Damn, it's so hard to comprehend you passed away this evening! Why, God? Damn fucking stuff, over pointless shit! Why, at this moment, AYAYA? A happy man, a true friend, and a brother at heart. Egbugom, Alili. chaii!!!! Damn, I'm bloody cold this evening. Just a few hours ago, we were together today. To avoid your own death, Ebele Onochie, you can only run; you can never hide. Rest in the bosom of the Lord Strong, Ani Onitsha kedu ife na emenu, he wrote.


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