“I’ll never date a man without a car” – GH lady reveals


Ghanaian social media influencer and YouTuber Abena Dankwah Okai has said that she will never date a man who doesn't have a car. 

Abena Okai says that she was raised by wealthy parents who made sure she had everything she wanted as a child. Because of this, she says that she will never get into a relationship that will make her feel bad. 

In an interview with DJ Nyaami, Abena Okai said that her parents always drove her to school because they wanted her to be comfortable. She never took the school bus. 

When asked what kind of car she would like her man to have, Okai said it should be one that works well and can get them around. 

Abena, who is studying law at Wisconsin International University College right now, said; 

"I would never. Since I was a child, a driver took me to school. I will never date a guy who doesn't have a car. I won't," "I want to feel at ease. "If it will make me feel bad, I won't do it." 

Abena Okai's decision to never date a man without a car seems to have upset a lot of people on social media, who think her comments are unfair because not everyone can buy a car. 

Here are a few of the comments that people have made about the popular video; 

Nana Agyeiwaa – People talk about why some of these guys use women for juju. Do you have a car? Did your father have a car when he met your mother? Some of these women talk a lot, but if you go to their house, they don't even know how to cook good food. They go to Bouquets to rent dresses, purses, and other items of women's clothing so guys will think they're rich. 

Adam Issah: Said by a girl whose father didn't even have a bicycle before he met her mom.! Anyway, wish you luck. 

Chriswife: Does she also drive? Is her dad behind the wheel? Is her brother at the wheel? No, also her cousin. Is he driving? You put too much stress on Pipo's sons, and then they use you for Sakawa. 

Foofoi Adams – Villager!! Describe a car. Now that you've told everyone, people who just want to use you will marry you and then leave you when they're done. Don't forget it! 

Andrews Asare Obeng – Based on what you said, you should have had your own car by now. After you get your dream man who has a car, you'll either cry for attention or because you're being abused.

Source: Ghpage.com

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