In Nigeria, a Kumawood actor passes away in his hotel room.

Haruna Asamoah, also known as Baba Fabregas, has died. This is sad news for the Kumawood industry, which has been hit by bad news before. 

The news is shocking to the Kumawood industry, and the brother of the late actor has already confirmed it by saying that this happened in Nigeria. 

He said that friends of his late brother in Nigeria told him that the small actor was relaxing by the hotel pool when a friend came over and asked if he had eaten. He said that he hadn't, and the friend left. 

The woman then left to get him something to eat, but as soon as he was done, he started to feel sick and decided to go back to his hotel room to rest. 

After a while, some friends came over to check on him and found him still in his room. 

The story was confirmed by Baba Fabregas's brother, who also said that at the time he talked to the media, they still didn't know what killed Baba Fabregas, but that the Nigerian Police and doctors were looking into it. 

He died on Sunday, August 14, 2022, according to his brother. 

Baba's body is in a morgue in Nigeria so that an autopsy can be done on it. Later, his body will be brought to Ghana to be buried.


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