Kelsey Asbille from the TV show Yellowstone looks great with her new dramatic haircut.

Yellowstone's fifth season will start in just three months, and it looks like one of the characters will have a new look when the new episodes come out. The cast and crew have been busy filming in Montana this summer in preparation for the November 13 return of the Paramount Network show, and we can't get over Kelsey Asbille's new hairstyle. 

The actress is best known for her long, dark hair, which she wears in her role as Monica Dutton. She is also an ambassador for David Yurman jewelry when she's not on the ranch. At recent events for the brand, she showed off a dramatic new hairstyle.

Kelsey took a plane from Montana to Paris to get to the event. She wore a simple white tank top, black pants, and black sandals with straps to show off her new bob. 

Later, she went to the Louvre, where she wore a dramatic outfit for the evening. She got a new haircut with waves, and she wore a black dress with a low-cut neckline. 

Kelsey was in shows like Fargo, Teen Wolf, Pair of Kings, and One Tree Hill before she was known as Monica Dutton. She told Showbiz Cheat Sheet that fans shouldn't necessarily expect a happy ending for Kayce (Luke Grimes) and Monica, who moved away from the Dutton ranch and found out they're having another child in season 4.


She said, "I think Monica has always tried to be in both worlds at the same time. Even if that's not what makes her happy in the real world. For her to finally talk to Casey and say, "Look, I'm not going to make it here." And the fact that he stood up and left the ranch was a very powerful moment. I don't think it means that it will always end well, but they're committed." 

When Yellowstone comes back on November 13, we'll be looking for clues about what the future holds. Want to get caught up? Peacock lets you stream the first four seasons.


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