Kofi Adomah got beat up because he cheated on his wife.

Controversial Maa Linda, a Tiktoker from Ghana, is the most recent user to remark on Kofi Adomah's viral beatings, which have caused a major controversy online. 

Kofi Adomah was not attacked by armed robbers, as he would like Ghanaians to believe, claims Maa Linda. 

In this viral video, the well-known Tiktoker continues by alleging that Kofi Adomah was assaulted by a group of thugs who were hired by one of the many ladies she has conned. 

Kofi Adomah is definitely accused of enjoying having affairs with married women both in Ghana and overseas by Maa Linda in the viral video, and she has a mountain of proof to support her claims. 

As publicly asserted by Maa Linda and another Ghanaian woman living in Europe, Kofi Adomah is to blame for his own failure since, despite earlier advice to return the money he had taken from the woman, he disregarded it. 

According to Maa Linda, Kofi Adomah was not assaulted by armed robbers or thugs as he and the media claimed. 

Instead, one of the many women he has been with hired some thugs to beat him with canes while also chopping her money. 

Watch the video below: 

Source: Ghpage.com

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