‘Kwasia next time you won’t ‘sit’ on people’s money’ – Gameboy justifies death of 22-year-old student of Oyoko School of Dispensing Optics

The murder of the 22-year-old Game Boy who was shot dead in his Benz last week in Kumasi has been supported by a self-described Game Boy. 

Kwabena Asumadu, popularly known as T-Lanez, a young man, was shot inside his Mercedes for allegedly underpaying his fellow internet con artists.

In public, a self-described Game Boy has defended the unfortunate circumstance that is still being talked about in the streets. 

In a TikTok video, he asserted that the 22-year-old was worthy of death since, as an internet fraudster, you are required to be truthful with your colleagues when a deal you all worked on yields fantastic profits. 

He asserted that it is unfair for one player to "sit" on funds that ought to be distributed equally in this game. 

In the end, the Game Boy promised that if the 22-year-old came back to this world in the future, he wouldn't try to take advantage of the people he had previously worked with. 

Watch The Video Below: 

Source: Ghbase.com 

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