Lil Durk was injured while performing at Lollapalooza after being struck in the face by an explosion onstage.

Lil Durk suffered a major injury while performing at Lollapalooza. 

On Saturday, a firework burst at the front of the stage while the US rapper was giving a performance at the Chicago event, striking him square in the face. Durk was seen going backwards and hiding his face on camera footage after being hit by the smoke.


Durk was asked whether he was okay by the DJ, who then paused the music. That one was somewhat close. That didn't appear to shoot up straight. It appeared to have been fired in a different direction," he claimed. 

Durk took a moment to collect himself before continuing with his act. He ordered the audience at Grant Park, "F**k it, no more smoke, let's do it. 

Lil Durk hit by explosion on stage‼️😳

— Concerts 🔌 (@ConcertsByRap) July 31, 2022

Later, he received medical attention for his wound. He shared a picture of himself in the hospital with a bandage over his right eye on Instagram on Sunday, announcing that he would be taking a hiatus from music to concentrate on his health. 

I'm going to take a vacation & concentrate on my health due to the situation that occurred at Lollapalooza in Chicago on stage, he tweeted. "I completed my show for my fans yesterday. I value you all. 

It's unknown how long Durk intends to be away. In September, he will begin his "7220 Deluxe Tour" alongside Nardo Wick.

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