‘Little House on the Prairie’:During an interview in 1987, Michael Landon talked about the time he punched his mother in the face.

Michael Landon was known for making TV shows that the whole family could enjoy. Little House on the Prairie, one of his best-known shows, was about the life of Laura Ingalls Wilder and her family. Landon tried to make shows with good morals and loving families, but he says he didn't grow up in a caring place. Landon says that his mother abused him and made his childhood very hard. 

Michael Landon said that his mother had "gone off the deep end." 

In an interview with the magazine Redbook in 1987, Landon talked about what it was like to grow up with this mother. He said that she had a bad attitude and was mentally unstable. "She stabbed, kicked, and was crazy," Landon said. "She was mean to me. My mother would sit on the couch in her nightgown, which she always wore when she was upset, with a Bible in her hand and ask God to kill me. 

Landon said, though, that his mom was nice to people she didn't know well. He said that people would tell him that his mom was "the sweetest." But he told Tom Ito, who wrote Conversations with Michael Landon, that he really knew how she was. He remembered when his mother chased him around with a knife. 

Michael Landon said that his mother tried to kill herself many times. 

Landon said that things between him and his mother kept getting worse. The Highway to Heaven actor talked about his mother's mental illness in his last interview with Life magazine. He said she always tried to kill herself. He said that when he was a little boy, he would come home to find his mother's head in the oven. 

Landon said, "When I was a little boy, I'd go into the kitchen and find her with her head in the oven and the gas on." "But she always left the kitchen window open and put a pad on the floor to kneel on." 

Michael Landon talked about the time he hit his mom in the face. 

Landon said that another scary thing he had to go through was when his mother tried to drown herself. Even though he said he was afraid of water, he went after her. So he could try to save her, he jumped into the water. Landon said that he punched his mother in the face because he didn't want her to hurt herself. 

Landon told Life, "Once, she tried to drown herself." "She put her feet in the water." Landon said that his mother told him, "I'm leaving, son!" Landon acted quickly and ran after her. 

Landon went on, "I couldn't swim." "I was afraid of water, but I went into it to follow her. Even though I was only 10, I tried to pull her back. So, I punched her as hard as I could in the face and kept going." 

Landon said that his mother fell because of a wave. He then took advantage of that to pull her out of the water. He said that he sat on her to make her feel better. Landon said that his mother's personality changed again not long after that, but she acted like nothing had happened. "After an hour, she was burying my sister in the sand and talking to her like a baby."

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