Maame Dokono describes the tragic death of "Waakye" due to a lack of hospital beds.

Veteran performer Maame Dokono has described how the hospital where actor Waaakye was admitted had a significant role in his demise. 

She asserts that Waakye was initially sent to Ridge Hospital but then moved to the 37 Military Hospital due to a shortage of hospital beds, which is what ultimately led to his demise. 

They all went to a coworker's 70th birthday celebration a week earlier, and Maame Dokono said he seemed to be doing well. 

She said that he will be dearly missed and his absence would be felt by both the young and the old due to his enormous popularity throughout the country. 

"Since there were no no hospital beds available, he was treated in the 37 Military Hospital on a stretcher. Before they arrived with the supplies to care for him, he passed away," she wept. 

We will miss him because he does everything for us. She said, "Yes, we have lost a wonderful person. 

Actor Prince Yawson, also known as Waakye, passed away on Tuesday between 1:00 and 2:00 p.m. after being taken to the 37 Military Hospital the night before. 

If there had been a bed available at the hospital to which he was sent, according to Maame Dokono, his death might have been averted.


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