Nick Mohammed of Ted Lasso knew about Nate's villain era from the beginning.

Nick Mohammed, who plays Ted Lasso, explained his character's transformation into a villain and gave E! News an exclusive preview of season three. 

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Ted Lasso does everything with purpose, if you believe anything about him. 

That information was revealed by Nick Mohammed, who plays Nathan Shelley, a rival who was an assistant coach for AFC Richmond until turning evil in season two. 

"I was aware of Nate's wicked turn on Ted Lasso (Jason Sudeikis) fairly early on, he exclusively revealed to E! News, "from when we were filming season one. In general, Jason had really good outlines for Nate in seasons one, two, and three. I have therefore always been aware of its course." 

And he couldn't have supported Nate's adventure more. As an actor, you enjoy having the chance to attempt something new, he remarked. 

However, he was still concerned about how the public would respond to Nate's treachery in leaving AFC Richmond for the rival West Ham United: "I anticipated that this wouldn't play well with some of the show's fans." 

Nevertheless, he laid the foundation for being the antagonist in the first few seasons. 

Nick, who is nominated for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series at the 2022 Emmys, said, "They did a wonderful job of carefully drip feeding that transition so that the audience is clutching on to every last ounce of hope." The biggest betrayal, though, is that he has turned into a villain by the end. 

Additionally, Nick emphasized that while Ted Lasso fans would get to witness "to a degree" inside West Ham United's football club in season three. 

He made fun of Nate and Rupert (Anthony Head), Rebecca's ex-husband and the former owner of AFC Richmond, by saying, "There's more focus on Nate and Rupert (Anthony Head) in that club." Because Nate is the athletes' new coach, "we definitely see him interacting with them."


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