Power Book II: Ghost’: A New Character Might Make the London-Based Spinoff Series More Viable

There are significant changes coming to the Power Universe. Power Book V: Influence has been formally shelved, despite the fact that Power Books II: Ghost, III: Raising Kanan, and IV: Force have all begun. However, the Power Universe is not over yet. There is a London offshoot in the work, according to rumors in Hollywood. 

The upcoming U.K. series may hinge on a new Power Book II: Ghost character, it seems. 

It's possible that Starz is developing a "Power" spinoff set in London. 

Fans of Starz were stunned to see that Larenz Tate's Rashad Tate-centered series Power Book V: Influence would no longer air on the network. Tate probably won't stop being a significant character in Power Book II: Ghost. But according to Deadline, Starz is currently developing a Power series set in London. 

Kathryn Busby, the head of programming at Starz, declined to confirm or refute the rumors. I'm not free to respond to anything along those lines, but I would say that we love Power because it has the ability to successfully spin off, which is something we have done. Which, in theory, we'd be thrilled to repeat. It's wonderful that you can hear it.


The London production of "Power Book II: Ghost" may depend on a new character. 

Fans now think that a new character from Power Book II: Ghost Season 3 may hold the secret to the success of the London-based spinoff. For the third season, Kyle Vincent Terry has joined the cast in a recurring role. Terry has been given the role of Obi in the show. 

Obi is described as "a young man educated in Britain who knows his way around a rifle, but is equally comfortable in a boardroom," according to Deadline. 

Obi and Tariq are undoubtedly brothers in spirit, and Tariq hails from London and is likely to have firsthand knowledge of the drug trade. We'll watch to see how everything plays out. 

The belief of fans is that Ghost is still alive. 

Other fans think that if Obi is not the key to the upcoming London spinoff, Ghost is still alive. Fans believe he staged his demise and may have relocated to London to start a new life. When asked if Ghost might be revived, Busby told Deadline, "I don't think you're alone in that hope." But Ghost expired. 

Joseph Sikora, who played Tommy Egan in Power and is currently in Power Book IV: Force, also alluded to Ghost's comeback. On Instagram, the actor posted a picture of Hardwick and himself. He wrote the picture's caption. Do ghosts still exist? All I need to know is that. POWER, Book 4: Episode 5 of season 2 is almost finished. #tommyandghost @forcestarz @power starz

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