Power Book II: Ghost season III release: Brayden star sparks frenzy with major filming update

Gianni Paolo, who starred in POWER BOOK II, has provided some brand-new glimpses into the third season of the popular spin-off series. 

Gianni Paolo, who is best known for playing Brayden Weston in the popular television series Power Book II: Ghost, recently shared an intriguing behind-the-scenes look at the third season of the Starz drama on Instagram. The news that the premiere of the next season might not be too far off made the fans even more excited. 

Gianni has revealed that Power Book II's third season has already wrapped its filming. 

The first Power spin-off centers on Tariq St. Patrick (played by Michael Rainey Jr.), who pursues the same path as his drug lord father Ghost (Omari Hardwick). 

The Tejada crime family, his mother's legal troubles, and his father's legacy all pose persistent threats to his academic success as he attempts to establish a new life at college. 

Brayden, Tariq's friend, has thankfully stuck by his side as they strive to manage their own affairs. 

Now that all 10 episodes of Ghost's third season have been shot, both stars have appeared in Gianni's most recent social media post. 

"S3 wrap," he wrote as the caption for several photos. The episodes have now been officially finished. It might not take long for the first trailers to be released before the season debut later this year now that production has concluded. 

Gianni afterwards made the following remark in reference to an error in his first shot: "How did I just understand I entirely shared the wrong photo and did Mike filthy with his eyes closed." 

Lots of enthusiastic comments were left on the post by Power franchise fans who can't wait for the series to continue. 

In one image, the players are dressed in formal attire, which may offer a hint as to how Tariq's story may proceed. 

"The way they are dressed, did it end with a court scene again?," retorted @gksworld. 

Tariq's unscrupulous attorney Davis MacLean (Method Man) will be returning in season three, so there's a good chance he'll show up in court once more. 

@boss 4x juno, an enthusiastic viewer, responded: "Dang, it's about time! With these other shows, I was growing bored. 

"Good!" said @imanisales. Since the season two conclusion, everything has been dull. The upcoming season excites me so much! I adore this team! 

"Season three is going to be insane, I can't f*****g wait," remarked @mc e215 

"I am excited to see what Brayden does this season." @drewskii2802 cried out. 

It's hoped that a teaser trailer won't take too long to be produced as this is one of the most eagerly awaited TV comebacks of the year. 

Thankfully, Power Book III: Raising Kanan will have a brand-new season later this month for fans to enjoy while they wait for Tariq and Brayden to return. 

Starz in the United States and StarzPlay via Amazon Prime Video in the United Kingdom both provide Power Book II: Ghost.

Source: express.co.uk

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