Power Book III: Raising Kanan Season 2 Episode 1 Review: More Things Change


Oh, Queens and Jamaica. You were missed here. 

In Power Book III: Raising Kanan Season 2 Episode 1, Raq and Kanan are back together, and it's obvious that after some time apart, the deadly mother and son team may be going their separate ways. Kanan may be glad to revert to his or her pre-adolescent innocence while Raq is ascending to the top. 

With such a talented group, this gap could pave the way for another exciting season. 

When there is a long enough interval between Power spinoffs, I begin to question which one is the best. Perhaps that's foolish since they're all good, and when one is on, you can lose track of everything else because you're so engrossed in it. 

However, Raising Kanan is the one that feels the most unique despite the fact that Ghost is well known due to its connections to the flagship and Force is both new and well known. Prequels can be challenging because of all the preconceptions, but they've succeeded in making the story of Kanan Stark's beginning so engrossing that you forget you're seeing the genesis of a monster. 

The first season of Power Book III: Raising Kanan was largely focused on Kanan's desperate attempt to enter the industry and carry on his father's legacy. We witnessed his desperation come to a head when he shot Howard because he was determined to do whatever it needed to play a significant role in the family business. 

However, for the majority of that season, it was clear that behind it all, Kanan lacked something that his mother and uncles appeared to possess. That something is the motivation and desire to succeed in a line of work that depends on making snap decisions and having the capacity to bury your emotions so deeply you forget they exist. 

It makes logical that Kanan spends his time away from the family contemplating whether or not the business is actually for him because we have that setup from the previous season. 

It's intriguing since Kanan was always so wary of Raq and resisted him until he got what he wanted; now, it seems as though the roles have been reversed. Raq wants to draw Kanan even further in while he is trying to back out. 

Raq is always on the lookout for the next great thing, that much is certain. 

There are so many similarities among the characters in this realm that I adore drawing comparisons. However, there is just one Raq. She is unlike anyone else in any of the series. 

Her main goal has always been to enlarge and conquer the city, and as we can see, she has largely succeeded. Her system is nearly faultless, and Unique is currently irrelevant. In the community, she has always been revered and feared, but this is a whole new level for her. 

Kanan is made aware of this information in the apartment building's elevator scene. 

Raq has built up a new kingdom and appears untouchable in many ways, but she is still on watch, as she should be. Due to the fact that everything collapses the second you become too comfy. 

It's obvious that Marvin has had a significant role in arriving to this stable point, which is both surprising and not. Marvin had always desired to be Raq's right-hand man, and while he may have lucked into the position somewhat as Lou-Lou grows more distant, Marvin does possess a certain aptitude that enables him to be successful in the tasks assigned to him. 

Marvin is such a frustrating character since you know he's not just there for comic relief. He is more than simply the guy with the snack in his hand at all times. It's also impossible to support him in any way because of the wrath and hatred that fester beneath his surface. 

It's possible that enrolling against his will in an anger management program will lead to a behavioral change in the long run, but is that really important right now? Jukebox, who has every right to never give her father the time of day again if she so chooses, has already caused damage. 

For certain individuals, redemption may not always be possible. 

Speaking of Jukebox, I'm not sure what her plot this season will be, but if she's going to be trying to track down her mother, it will be intriguing as she seems to be drifting further and further away from Marvin. 

The most thrilling parts of Jukebox's story will always focus on examining the events and circumstances that influenced her development into the corrupt police officer she became in the future since, like Kanan, we know how her story ends. Jukebox the younger has a nice heart, which makes me excited for her story's next chapter. 

The passing of Nicole and her father's homophobic attack are undoubtedly catalysts, but what other events will direct her toward her ultimate destiny? 

Lou-Lou is still striving to be the next Puff Daddy from the year 1998 while Marvin is being Marvin. And I would love it if someone could someday enlighten me as to the bigger picture behind this narrative. 

I don't really have a problem with Lou-Lou. Although he has fewer layers than his siblings, the program always feels different when we are in those moments, unless they plan to eventually incorporate the music stuff into other areas of it. 

Jessica doesn't provide anything of substance, and even if Famous is a great side character, nobody is anxiously awaiting the outcome of his budding rap career. 

But I have faith that the Power Gods will finally force me to retract my statements when Raq needs to use the studio or take other steps to gain access to the one thing Lou-Lou desires for himself. 

Given that Lou-Lou is OVER Raq, there is clearly a battle brewing between Raq and Lou-Lou, and it is only a matter of time before it erupts. Although he is not wrong to want anything for himself, he is aware that it is unlikely to happen in this line of work. 

His options are therefore limited in many respects, yet he doesn't appear to think so. 

Events involving Raq and Lou- 

Lou are undoubtedly going to come to a head later, but in the meantime, she needs to focus on bigger problems. Or just one fish in particular, Malcolm Howard. 

After everything he went through in the first season, Howard is fortunate to still be alive, and we follow up with him after a protracted hospital stay and apparent forgetfulness. How practical. 

Look, Howard wasn't exactly a shining example of righteousness, but he certainly deserved better than the cards that were given to him. When he learned about Kanan, his desire to develop that bond was undoubtedly motivated by his sickness, but it also seemed like a part of him yearned to connect with his son. 

Raq attempted to forcibly deny him of that chance in the most petty and horrible manner imaginable. What will he do now that he has survived? 

However, if his memory of the shooting night is indeed gone (and if you think that, I would highly advise you to stop), then possibly he would behave differently when he first encounters Raq after the murder attempt. Maybe he's just pleading with his son for another chance. 

I like what Howard said about striving to make the most of this second chance that was given to him. He may be fabricating the incident in order to protect Kanan, but that doesn't mean he is hell-bent on getting retribution. 

The cliffhanger Howard and Raq conclusion is the ideal way to wrap up an hour that once more introduces the main characters. With Raq's ascendance, Kanan's uncertainty, and the constant threat of a guy with a fresh lease on life, it's looking like a rocky journey. 

Buckle up, everyone. 

Other Information You Should Know 

I am at a loss for words to describe how stupid it is for Jess and Crown to sneak around behind Lou-back. Lou's It's really bizarre why Crown would think it was a good idea to cross Lou-Lou. 

Burke will undoubtedly uncover more information about Howard's shooting and land herself in trouble, don't you think? 

I figured Unique wouldn't be the main antagonist any longer for some reason. But because he was such a strong opponent for Raq, I enjoy the idea of his coming back. They will eventually need to have more than one "villain," though. 

Scrappy is already getting into trouble! This is not good at all. 

Consider how strong Kanan's family could be if they all got along. 

Returning to this universe feels so comfortable, and the season premiere has a great first hour. 

Please remember to watch Power Book III: Raising Kanan whenever you like, and check back here every week to read my season reviews. Let me know in the comments what you're looking forward to seeing this season!

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