Release date for Season 5 of Virgin River confirmed? Here’s What We Know So Far!

Fans of Virgin River, rejoice. You are fortunate. Because of the popularity of the Netflix original series, we have already started thinking about Virgin River season 5. We don't blame you if you're interested in what will happen to the show after these brand-new episodes given that the eagerly awaited fourth season is only hours away. 

Since Netflix officially approved the fifth season of Virgin River when they renewed the series for season 4, a fifth season of the adored comfort show is fortunately not at all doubtful. 

The series, which is based on the Robyn Carr novel series, has nurse practitioner and midwife Mel Monroe (Alexandra Breckenridge) as the lead role. The story follows Mel as she integrates into Virgin River, a small town in Northern California, and its close-knit society. 

What might happen in season five? We need to figure out who shot Jack before we can start predicting the fifth season. Let's look at all the details we do currently know about season 5, including its cast, start date, estimated release date, and number of episodes. 

Has Virgin River's fifth season been revealed? 

It has, indeed! Following the third season of Virgin River, which released in July 2021, Netflix announced the fourth and fifth seasons just two months later. 

According to Jinny Howe, Netflix's VP of original programming, upon making the announcement, "[With] everything that's been going on in the world, people are yearning for more and more—not only that comfort but also that feeling of optimism and that sense of community. 

"I believe that this served as more evidence that this is a crucial area of programming for us. The way that everything came together was actually quite natural. 

When might Virgin River's fifth season be released? 

Given that production started in July 2022, we most likely won't have anything before 2023. Following the pattern of prior release dates, Season 1 was released in December 2019, Season 2 in November 2020, and Season 3 in July 2021. 

Later, season four began airing in July 2022. That must mean that another one is anticipated for the following year, right? We are putting our hopes in the summer of 2023. 

Season 5 of Virgin River episodes 

The previous seasons of the Virgin River television show each contained ten episodes, but the current season is different. Virgin River has a huge 12 episodes in season 4, and season 5 will also feature 12 episodes, as we have confirmed. 

Not to worry! There's always a chance that Virgin River season 5 will be split into two parts like Ozark and Manifest if it turns out to be the series' final season, which hasn't been confirmed yet. 

For now, plan on season 5 having 12 episodes, and then cross your fingers that more of Virgin River will show after that. 

The Virgin River cast 

Even though season 4 of Virgin River hasn't yet aired, we already have a good idea of the cast. It makes sense now that we've seen the illustration of the table read above! According to the picture, the following cast members should return for season 5: 

Alexandra Breckenridge portrays Mel Monroe 

Martin Henderson portraying Jack Sheridan 

Annette O'Toole plays the role of Hope McCrea. 

Tim Matheson plays Dr. Vernon Mullins in the movie 

Dan Brady is portrayed by Ben Hollingsworth. 

As Zibby Allen and Brie Sheridan 

Jo Ellen is portrayed by Gwynyth Walsh. 

Colin Lawrence plays John "Preacher" Middleton. 

Elizabeth (Sarah Dugdale) 

Jenny Cooper portrays Joey Barnes. 

Chase Petriw plays Christopher, and Nicola Cavendish plays Connie. 

Kai Bradbury and Denny Cutler 

As Marco Grazzini, Mike Valenzuela 

We're interested to see which new actors or actresses join the Virgin River season 5 cast. 

What happens in Virgin River season 5? 

When Charmaine disclosed that Jack wasn't the biological father of her twins as we had previously assumed, season 4 viewers were left on a significant cliffhanger once more. 

Although the new showrunner, Patrick Sean Smith, told TVLine(opens in new tab), Season 5 begins up directly after Season 4, no specific plot points have been revealed to yet. There is no time difference between four and five. 

The revelation that Jack was the biological father of Mel's unborn child prompted our favorite couple, Mel and Jack, to become engaged. So hoping season five will include their wedding. 

Finally, it seems like season 5 will solve some puzzles and provide us the solutions we've been seeking for.


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