''Rev Prince Nyarko of Hena Ne Wo Danfo Pa fame reported dead''

According to information obtained by www.Ghbase.com, Rev. Prince Nyarko of Hena Ne Wo Danfo Pa renown has passed away. 

Since the news is very recent and developing, no new information regarding his tragic passing has surfaced. 

The Weekly Spectator was the first outlet to reveal this information, however they did not also produce the depressing story. 

For more information, keep reading. 

In other entertainment news, Sarkodie briefly took up his mother's hype role at a recent family gathering when she unintentionally busted out some surprising dance steps to the song Sugarcane by Camidoh. 

The moment Sarkodie tilted the camera to himself and his mother as if to introduce her to us and explain the situation is captured in the footage that has been published here. 

While Sarkodie was singing the popular song word for word, however, his mother suddenly burst into graceful dance routines, surprising him with her hand gestures. 

He then began hypnotizing her while chanting, "Give them, give them," as the darling fell into the pleasure of the moment.

Source: Ghbase.com 

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