Rumors Suggest Michael Landon wanted to blow up the set of "Little House on the Prairie" because the show was cancelled.

People who were kids in the 1970s probably remember the show Little House on the Prairie. The show was about the Ingalls family and how they lived on their farm in Minnesota. It was heartwarming, sweet, and easy to understand. It's not a secret that the show ran for more than 10 years and still has a strong fan base. 

One of the most famous people on the show was Michael Landon. And word on the street is that he wanted to blow up all the sets as a way to get back at the network. Here's the truth about what happened. 

In the last episode of "Little House on the Prairie," people blew up their own houses. 

"The Last Farewell," the last episode of Little House on the Prairie, was very good. Charles and Caroline Ingalls made the decision to move back to Walnut Grove, Minnesota, where they had lived before. Even though they moved to the city for better job opportunities, Walnut Grove was still very important to them. 

Walnut Grove was taken over by railroad tycoons, which was a bad thing. Once, no one could touch the land, but that was no longer the case. People in the town wouldn't be able to live the way they had grown to love, so they decided to stand up for themselves. 

The people of the town left their shops and homes empty and filled the town with explosives. The buildings in Walnut Grove were blown up one by one, except for the church and a small house of worship. The people of Walnut Grove then marched out of the town. 

Even though the show had the perfect plot to go with blowing up the buildings, the plot was also about other things. UPI says that the show's creator, producer, and star, Michael Landon, decided to blow up the set pieces so that the land could go back to how it was before Little House was filmed there. 

Bill Kiley, a publicist for NBC, said, "Mike thought that if the town had to go, he might as well send it off in a blaze of glory on the screen." 

When they were first built, the set structures were worth $750,000, but they were just the fronts of empty buildings. It would have been very hard to save them in this situation. Any scenes that were filmed inside the buildings were done at MGM studios. 

There were rumors that Landon wanted to get even. 

Landon wanted to blow up the Little House set for practical reasons, but rumors persisted that he also didn't want other people to use the set pieces. Not only that, but other rumors said that Landon was angry that the show was canceled and wanted to blow up the set as a last act of revenge. 

So, did this happen? CBR says that Landon knew exactly why Little House had to end, and he kept working for NBC after the show ended. He wasn't mad at the network, so he wouldn't want to blow up the set to make them mad. 

The producer of Little House on the Prairie, Kent McCrary, also tried to stop any rumors that Landon was getting even. He said that he agreed to return the land to the way it was before the show started filming. McCrary didn't say anything about how Landon was acting wrong. 

Even though it's clear why the town blew up at the end of the show, rumors will keep going for a long time!


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