Season 5 of "Virgin River" Will Have an Unexpected Twist

The show Virgin River is one of the most popular ones on Netflix. In the show, Alexandra Breckenridge plays Mel Monroe, who moves to a new town to start over. She ends up falling for Jack Sheridan, a retired Marine who owns the bar in town and is played by Martin Henderson. 

The fifth season of Virgin River is currently being filmed in Vancouver, and fans should already be ready for a surprise. 

Season 5 of "Virgin River" will be very different from the other seasons. 

Season 4 of Virgin River is currently available on Netflix, but the cast and crew are already in Vancouver working hard on season 5. With a new showrunner and a few new characters, the next season is likely to be very different from the ones that have come before. 

Ben Hollingsworth, who plays Brady, told TV Line, "I think it's bigger and better than any season we've done before." "We're doing things on Virgin River that are very ambitious and that you've never seen before. There's a big episode coming up for Brady that will be a lot of fun to play. As Brie and Mike seem to be getting closer, I think there will be some tension between Mike and Brady. I think Jack and Brady might be able to get along again now that Jack has been proven innocent, but you'll have to wait and see." 

Season 5 will take a turn that no one saw coming. 

Season 5 is expected to be very different from previous seasons and to have a twist that no one saw coming. Season 4 had many surprises, but the biggest one was when Charmaine (Lauren Hammersley) told Jack that the twins she is carrying aren't his. 

Melissa Montgomery, played by Barbara Pollard, was also introduced. She seemed to be taking over Calvin's drug business and wanted to do business with Jack. 

Hollingsworth told TVLine, "[Fear] is a healthy feeling when it comes to her." "She's clearly up to no good, and the fact that she's having dinner with Jack and Mel at the end is worrying." 

He also told fans that the next season would have some twists they didn't expect. 

Season 5 of "Virgin River" will have 12 episodes. 

Virgin River's fifth season will be just as good as the fourth. Before season 4, there were only 10 episodes in a season. But since then, the series has grown. "You could tell a little bit that we had more time in season four because we had two more episodes than we did in season three," the new showrunner Patrick Sean Smith told Glamour. "We've kept that in mind as we've planned all the events for this season." 

We only want to know the truth about who the father of Charmaine's babies is. We hope that the truth won't have to be shown in all 12 episodes.


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