''Virgin River’ Hits Series High, Dethrones ‘Stranger Things’'

Nielsen's streaming rankings for the week of July 18–24 are led by the romantic drama. 

For seven of the eight weeks after the release of its fourth season, Stranger Things occupied the top spot in Nielsen's streaming rankings. Eight out of nine, or thereabouts. 

The romantic drama Virgin River from Netflix, which has a Hallmark-like aesthetic, surpassed the supernatural thriller to take the top spot for the week of July 18–24 with 2.64 billion minutes of viewing time. The previous high for the series was 2.11 billion minutes a week following the season three premiere last year. That is the best single week for the series in the two years of Nielsen's streaming chart. Virgin River's fourth season debuted on July 20. 

Stranger Things kept up its performance and racked up 2.28 billion minutes of viewing time. Almost 37.8 trillion viewing minutes have been logged since the season four launch on May 27. 

Alba, a Spanish television series that is labeled as a Netflix original in the US, debuted second among the top 10 originals with 416 million minutes seen, followed by Blown Away with 284 million. In its second week on the leaderboard, Resident Evil lost some ground, dropping 10% to 772 million minutes.

The minutes watched on computers or mobile devices are not included in Nielsen's streaming ratings, which only account for viewing on TVs. Exclusively Apple TV+, Disney+, HBO Max, Hulu, Netflix, and Prime Video are now included in the ratings, which only reflect American viewers and exclude those from other countries. 

The top streaming series according to Nielsen for the period of July 18–24 are listed below.

Original Series 1. Virgin River (Netflix), 2.64 billion minutes viewed 2. Stranger Things (Netflix), 2.28 billion 3. Resident Evil (Netflix), 772 million 4. The Umbrella Academy (Netflix), 553 million 5. The Boys (Prime Video), 532 million 5 (tie) The Terminal List (Prime Video), 532 million 7. Alba (Netflix), 416 million 8. Only Murders in the Building (Hulu), 372 million 9. Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous (Netflix), 361 million 10. Blown Away (Netflix), 284 million Acquired Series 1. Alone (Hulu/Netflix), 745 million minutes 2. NCIS (Netflix), 737 million 3. Cocomelon (Netflix), 705 million 4. Grey’s Anatomy (Netflix), 666 million 5. Gilmore Girls (Netflix), 489 million 6. The Big Bang Theory (HBO Max), 406 million 7. Friends (HBO Max), 402 million 7 (tie) Seinfeld (Netflix), 402 million 7 (tie) Supernatural (Netflix), 402 million 10. Heartland (Netflix), 371 million

 Source: hollywoodreporter.com

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