Virgin River season 5: Ricky’s replacement sealed as newcomer could get more airtime


After Ricky left the show suddenly, fans of VIRGIN RIVER asked for the show's newcomer to get more screen time. 

Fans of the hit romantic drama Virgin River on Netflix can't wait for it to come back. After the most recent episode made a big impression on viewers, many asked to see more of Hannah, who was introduced in season four and was played by Clare Filipow. 

Season 4 brought in a lot of new characters, but fans had to say goodbye to the kind-hearted Ricky Sudder (Grayson Gurnsey). 

After his girlfriend, Lizzie, broke up with him, the 21-year-old had a hard third season (Sarah Dugdale). 

This happened after Ricky decided not to tell anyone about his interest in the Marines. 

The young man's life then took a heartbreaking turn when he joined the army. 

Because of all the lies and secrets, Lizzie decided to end their relationship. This broke Ricky's heart, and he hoped he could make things right with Lizzie before he went to war, but it was clear she had moved on.

As they got closer, Denny Cutler (Kai Bradbury), a newcomer, changed what she was paying attention to and how she was looking at things. 

By the end of season four, Ricky and Lizzie were still talking, but he no longer wanted to get back with her. 

Instead, he didn't change his mind and spent most of season four getting ready for training camp. 

In the last episode of the season, Ricky said goodbye to his grandmother, Lizzie, and his friends in the town of Virgin River with tears in his eyes.

Jack Sheridan, a former Marine played by Martin Henderson, drove him to the bus stop, where they both caught a bus to training. 

Hannah, who came out as gay in Season 4, was the show's first openly gay character. She quickly became a fan favorite. 

So much so that after Ricky left, people asked for her to have more scenes. 

Rude-Two7970 went to Reddit and asked other fans, "Who else loves Hannah? 

"So, Hannah is a great character, and I'd like to see more of her in season 5!! Anyone else in my situation?" 

User Eleouise37 responded: "I do! I love her straightforward personality and sense of humor, and I hope she has more storylines in season 5. I like her a lot more than I like Ricky!" 

Beneficial-Thought82 agreed: "I'm excited to see how the characters change in the fifth season!" 

Showrunner Patrick Sean Smith told fans they'd get to see more of Hannah in season five, which is good news. 

He said, "That actress is incredible. I can't wait to learn more about that character. 

"The show will have a little more LGBTQ representation than it has in the past, and not just because of her character. 

Patrick told Entertainment Weekly, "I'm excited about adding that, but I want to do it in a way that feels true to Virgin River."

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