Virgin River's Benjamin Hollingsworth teases season 5 twists

Benjamin Hollingsworth, the actor of Virgin River, has hinted at the characters' future developments in season 5. 

In the most current season of the Netflix series where Hollingsworth plays Dan Brady, Melissa Montgomery, played by Barbara Pollard, may prove to be the most threatening antagonist of season five. 

According to Hollingsworth, having fear of her is a healthy emotion. 

She's plainly up to no good, and it's worrying that, towards the end, she's eating supper with Jack and Mel. 

In the scene Hollingsworth is alluding to, it is revealed that Melissa is the sister of protagonist Mel (Alexandra Breckenridge), Jack, and Nick (Keith MacKechnie) (Martin Henderson). 

The mystery surrounding Hollingsworth's character, who was imprisoned after shooting Jack in the season two finale, was also clarified in season four. But it turned out that Vince (Steve Bacic) was the real culprit and Brady had nothing to do with it. 

Brady wasn't the perpetrator, Hollingsworth insisted. 

"First of all, I've been playing a different character, but I also spoke with the [prior] showrunner," the actor said. Brady was always intended to be a red herring, but we wanted the audience to think, "No, it can't be him! We only recently began to like him! 

A new showrunner will take over for the future season. Sue Tenney, who had directed the program since season one, would be replaced by Greek creator Patrick Sean Smith, it was revealed earlier this year. 

Regarding the forthcoming storylines, season five is probably going to uncover who the father of Charmaine's (Lauren Hammersley) twins is after season four made it clear that Jack isn't their father.


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